New Music for the New Job

I started my new gig, at brightkite, today. I am super stoked to be working with the excellent crew there.

I realized that I need some new music, though. I have quite a lot of music that I associate strongly with particular events, workplaces, teams and even books1. My tastes range from pop with a decent beat, to dub, to pretty much anything involving a piano. For example, recently have been listening to Silversun Pickups (thanks to Donnie), Ben Folds, Burial, and Pitch Black. But most of my music library is already saturated with emotion. I need some new music.

So I am ask you, my readers, for some suggestions of some new music I can associate with my new gig. Point me at some your favorite music.

  1. You really could not find a better sound track to The Illuminatus! Trilogy than Garbage 2.0. That album was the one on my Nomad (see figure 5 in the linked page) when I started reading it and two went together so well I stuck with it for the entire book.

8 thoughts on “New Music for the New Job

  1. Madonna’s Immaculate Collection
    Pet Shop Boys
    New Order
    Talking Heads

    hmmm … I see a theme

    okay, try Ben Folds’ playlist on iTunes

  2. I would recommend Loretta Lynn’s cd, “Van Lear Rose.” It came out a couple years ago. Jack Black produced, plays and sings on it. Number 2 is my favorite. I forget the title. Also, Norm just got into a band called the Bravery. Mike Doughty is good—he used to be the lead singer of Soul Coughing back in the 90’s. His newest disc is called Golden Delicious. Tell me what you think if you get to try any that I’ve suggested.

  3. I second the Sufjan Stevens recommendation. Try “Illinoise” for starters.

    Also, Sigur Rós’s “Takk…” or, if you’re after something sans lyrics Loscil’s “First Narrows” is some of the best ambient music I’ve heard and great to code to.

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