Audrey safely installed at sleep away camp.

Seeing Ben Folds with my favorite daughter.

Hiking with Elliot and Audrey on a beautiful Colorado day.

uri templates in elixir

I just released my very first Elixir package, UriTemplate. It is an RFC 6570 compliant URI template processor.

I’ve been playing with Elixir for the last few days and i really like it. I haven’t gotten into any of the concurrency stuff it really shines at yet but it is a really nice language in which it program even without that.

Audrey won the costume contest at her cotillion!

Elliot dressed for cotillion. This mostly for Catherine.

Awesome ski day with the kids. This is way better than going to work.

The kids insisted I take this photo of the “pretty pineapple things” in front of our hotel. Why are we in a hotel? It is the kids and my annual over night hotel stay due to Catherine putting he “no boys and no kids!” sign on the club house. The kids love staying at hotels so no complaints from them.

Ice skating on a beautiful winter day. Apparently ice skating is Audrey’s “favorite winter activity”.

The kids and I enjoying a hike on a warm winter day.