The family in Cardiff yesterday.

Catherine and the kids at Wellington Arch

Hello London! It’s been such a long time.

Wow! Spark-cassandra-connector seems to be about twice as fast as Calliope.

The reward for dropping the car off at the mechanic while Catherine Williams goes to yoga.

Audrey and I kayaking the Arkansas river from Stone Bridge to Salida. The river was great and Audrey had a great time once she realized that it was not scary. We had a great time playing in the river at Salida. Next time I think we will stop there to play but then continue on to Salida east because parking, etc is a little challenging in Salida proper.

Colorado river


Elliot and I after white water kayaking on the Colorado river.

We put in at Rancho Del Rio (they have a good shuttle service) and took out at Two Bridges. It is a great stretch of river for beginners — fun and non-threatening. The flow is still good (great for this time of year) and the weather was perfect. All of that combined to make a perfect day in the Colorado outdoors.

Apparently @asus’ idea of warranty “support” is to delay and misdirect but to *never* actually replace the broken device.

Fun Scala fact #173

Tail recursion optimization combined with implicit functions makes non-obvious infinite loops both possible and actually infinite. Who needs the crutch of stack overflow exceptions.

Yay summer!

Sarah McLachlan at Red Rocks


Red Rocks is my favorite venue.