Wow! Spark-cassandra-connector seems to be about twice as fast as Calliope.

The reward for dropping the car off at the mechanic while Catherine Williams goes to yoga.

Audrey and I kayaking the Arkansas river from Stone Bridge to Salida. The river was great and Audrey had a great time once she realized that it was not scary. We had a great time playing in the river at Salida. Next time I think we will stop there to play but then continue on to Salida east because parking, etc is a little challenging in Salida proper.

Colorado river


Elliot and I after white water kayaking on the Colorado river.

We put in at Rancho Del Rio (they have a good shuttle service) and took out at Two Bridges. It is a great stretch of river for beginners — fun and non-threatening. The flow is still good (great for this time of year) and the weather was perfect. All of that combined to make a perfect day in the Colorado outdoors.

Apparently @asus’ idea of warranty “support” is to delay and misdirect but to *never* actually replace the broken device.

Fun Scala fact #173

Tail recursion optimization combined with implicit functions makes non-obvious infinite loops both possible and actually infinite. Who needs the crutch of stack overflow exceptions.

Yay summer!

Sarah McLachlan at Red Rocks


Red Rocks is my favorite venue.

My first commit to Cassandra. Not a big change but it is important if you are using Spark.

Sleep away camp



Both kids safely ensconced at sleep away camp. Kid free for the whole week!

Mount Bierstadt


Elliot and i summited our first 14er today. He handled the seven hour round trip like a champ.