Envy Code R

I love the new Envy Code R font. It’s very clear and easy to read. I had looked at this font in the past and quite liked it. However, I need a somewhat larger font than its native size and previous releases of it did not scale very well. Fortunately, the new version (pr7) seems to scales very nicely.

Here is screen shot of “pretty” Emacs (on Ubuntu) using this beautiful font

Pretty Emacs using Envy Code R font

4 thoughts on “Envy Code R

  1. I was hoping somebody would post a screenshot using the FreeType engine used in Linux! :)

    It looks great apart from those diagonals on the M and N but I have some things to try there.


  2. Hi Peter, just so you know I’m actually reading this. I tried Envy Code R but switched back to Lucida Console (used it since 1994). The reason: ECR looks “too thin” under point size 18 after which it looks great. Lucida already looks fine at point size 14 so I get more characters on my screen. Of course this may matter only to 1024×768 people like myself…
    Take care, Robert.

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