Places to “work” in Boulder

A few months ago Mr O’Grady mused about coffee shops being good places to work.BTW
Stephen, when is the next [Denver Tech
In that post he mentioned that he really liked the idea that while working in a public space you might run into other technically inclined people from the area. That idea had not occured to me before but now I find it seductive.

Mr O’Grady was kind enough to included a list of his favorite places to hang out and work in downtown Denver, which was excellent. However, now that I am working in Boulder that list is of a little less use to me. So, I need some suggestions of good public spaces in which to work, eat and/or get caffeinated in Boulder. If youSome of the local bloggers like [Ms
Zelenka](, [Mr
King](, [Mr
Snyder](, [Mr
Davis](, [Mr
Raible](, and [Mr
Carter]( must have some favorites, at
know of a great place to hang out, work and maybe have some interesting conversation in Boulder I would love to hear about it.

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  1. I’m in Denver, so I don’t know of any good hangouts. But my husband works in Boulder. He might. I’ll ask him. Boulder seems to have a good population of techies from what I can tell.

  2. As I just mentioned, I’m a big fan of working at Houses Of The Bean. And as much as I love “sweet little local places with great brew and free wifi”, I spend a big portion of my life on the road. When I’m not in Colorado, that desire generally gets abbreviated to, “Dude, where’s the closest Starbucks?” My HotSpot/T-Mobile service is the best $19/month I could possibly spend. It makes remote wifi deterministic — Starbucks/Einstein Bros/Kinkos/Barnes and Noble/Borders all have HotSpot service nationwide.

    For free nationwide wifi, Panera Bread is the only candidate that comes to mind.

    Some folks swear by their Verizon PCMCIA cards, but $80/month seems to be a bit steep. I’d definitely get better coverage, but I’m not sure that the 4x multiplier would be worth it.

  3. I would recommend Sydney’s Cafe, at the corner of 14th and Walnut, right next to the Boulder Bus Station. They have coffee and bagels in the morning, and make great, cheap sandwiches for lunch. They have recently created an upstairs area that you get to via a spiral staircase for eating and working. Recently put in free wi-fi. The owner’s name is Trish, and she is a great, friendly person.

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