Places to “work” in Boulder

A few months ago Mr O’Grady mused about coffee shops being good places to work.BTW
Stephen, when is the next [Denver Tech
In that post he mentioned that he really liked the idea that while working in a public space you might run into other technically inclined people from the area. That idea had not occured to me before but now I find it seductive.

Mr O’Grady was kind enough to included a list of his favorite places to hang out and work in downtown Denver, which was excellent. However, now that I am working in Boulder that list is of a little less use to me. So, I need some suggestions of good public spaces in which to work, eat and/or get caffeinated in Boulder. If youSome of the local bloggers like [Ms
Zelenka](, [Mr
King](, [Mr
Snyder](, [Mr
Davis](, [Mr
Raible](, and [Mr
Carter]( must have some favorites, at
know of a great place to hang out, work and maybe have some interesting conversation in Boulder I would love to hear about it.

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