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If you are reading this your looking at my shiny new hosting. I finally had to leave shieldhost because their support was simply inadequate. It took a long time (days usually) and I had to explain the issue multiple times for almost every single ticket I submitted. And then yesterday my host ran out of space in the tmp directory which caused my blog to be down for most of the dayWordPress queries the database in such a way that it often has to write the data to disk due to the size.

Anyway, I signed up with Site5 this morning and now everything is humming along. So far I am very pleased. Getting shell access is the only issue I have had so far and it approximately 2 minutes from the time I sent my email requesting shell access until I had it. It was was so fast that at first I assumed that it was an auto-responseShieldhost often took 4+ hours before the first response.. Even better Site5 supports RoR so if I ever get around to writing some cool rails app in my copious free time I can deploy them on

So far my only complaint is that the IMAP server does not support STARTTLS so I still have to get my mail insecurely. But apparently no one actually supports this functionality.

2 thoughts on “New Hosting

  1. I believe DreamHost has secure IMAP. I don’t know if that’s the same as STARTTLS support for IMAP.

    On the other hand, DreamHost has not been doing well by me with respect to support as of late. An issue I reported to them is still unresolved at six days and counting from the first ticket.

  2. STARTTLS support would allow you to do secure IMAP over port 143, rather than 993. Since port 993 is not open on the firewall here at work that would be nice, but in the end it is not that big a deal.

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