Have I Got A House For You…

Well, my house is on the market; there’s no turning back now.

I am really going to miss this house. It is a great house it is just does not quite fit my family anymore. This house was perfect for us when we bought it. It is in a nice neighborhood within easy commuting distance of Interlocken, Denver and Boulder and we had quite a bit of room to grow.

Now we have two young children, one boy and one girl, and we want three bedrooms on the same floor so that the kids do not have to share a room. We have found a another house we like and have made an offer on it. This other house is a great fit for us but I think it will be a long time before I feel about it the way I do about our current house.

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  1. From This is not a blog » Good Times for the Williams Clan on 06 Apr 2006 at 10:14 pm

    […] We just countered an offer made on our current house. If you read Peter’s blog, which you most likely do if you’re reading this, you know our house is on the market and that we’ve been house shopping. Tomorrow is the inspection on the home we’d like to buy. We have high hopes for this house. We’ve met the owners and they seem like the sort of people that took care of their home and didn’t do any creative rewiring. Also, the lady of the house gave Elliot jelly beans. So, she’s a winner in his book. […]