The Wait Is Over

Audrey was born at 12:31 today. She weighs 6 lb 9 oz and is 19 inches long. Both Audrey and Catherine are doing great.

Audrey has bright red hair just like her mother, but there is a definite resemblance between Audrey and Elliot.

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    Congratulation! Audrey is a pretty name you don’t hear much these days. I hope everything’s going great. What an exciting time in your lives!

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    Congrats! Yay! :) I hope everyone is doing well.

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    […] Today Audrey turned four. This is the first birthday of hers when she’s had honest-to-goodness directed attention. Last year she and Elliot shared a party, the year before that she didn’t have a party, the year before that she was one and he thought her party was for him and the year before that she gave him Thomas Duplo to commemorate her own birth. […]

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