Hiring Should be Obsolete

Paul Graham has a new essay, Hiring is Obsolete. As usual it is quite insightful, though perhaps just a little self serving in light of his latest venture.

I feel just a bit disappointed when I read about other people’s experiences related to founding startups. Now that I have a family the risk founding a startup is too high. I wonder how much wealth would be generated if I did not have to risk my family’s health and well-being to be involved in a startup. Until then founding startups will remain — primarily, at least — domain of the young (or rich).

Regardless of what your emotional reaction is to universal health care and a social safety net, there is no denying that they would reduce the risk of founding a startup. I think that risk reduction would be a massive boost to the economy. It would allow anyone with a good idea to pursue it without having to worry about what would happen if your child gets sick, etc. Unfortunately, it would be at the short-term expense of entrenched interests (read: owners of congress people) so things are not likely to change anytime soon.

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