Grand canyon rafting — day 2

View from hot na na in the morning light.

Elliot, ready for a day of big water.

Day 2 is a big rapids day. It was cool this morning and the water is below 50 degrees so we really appreciated our splash jackets.

The water really is this green.

We stop for a hike up north canyon, a gorgeous slot canyon. At the pool Megan and Leia gave us a wonderful little guitar and vocal concert. The acoustics of the pool are amazing.

North canyon


Elliot in north canyon pool

North canyon pool

Big horn sheep, including a “lamb”.

A game of hunker down. Somebody gets wet. :)

View from the campsite (whose name i have forgotten)

We got a beautiful rainbow. My camera really doesn’t do it justice.

Dying light on the canyon walls.

Dying light on the canyon walls.

Dinner was salmon, quinoa and fruit salad. It was delicious, though a little sandy. The wind was pretty strong during dinner prep.

It rained off and on over night but i rested well wrapped in a tarp. Wet is way better than hot. We don’t need no stinken’ tents. (Though they are provided for those who feel otherwise.) Word to the wise it is a _lot _cooler near the water.

Grand canyon rafting — day 1

We put in at Lee’s Ferry. We learn the few commands the guides use right away and then we are off.

Peter, Elliot, Charlie, Robert (left to right)

The scenery is awe inspiring right from the beginning (as you can see from the background).

Elliot during the lunch break.

Lunch is a short break from the river. The crew sets up an impressive buffet of sandwich makings and snacks. As soon as everyone is done eating the table and food is stowed and we are back on the river.

We ran 4 small to medium rapids (badger creek, soap creek, 13 mile and sheer wall) on the first day. Unfortunately, i don’t have any pictures or video of the rapids due to needing to have both hands on the paddle during rapids and an issue with Elliot’s go pro, which i will cover in a later post.

View from the campsite (Hot Na Na)

A little light reading (“Death in Grand Canyon”) while dinner is being prepared.

Dinner is steak, mash potatoes and salad. It is seriously excellent.

We sleep on the beach under the stars — well clouds strictly speaking . It was super hot and there were lots bugs so it is a rather fitful night. Later i learn that wetting the provided liner (a sleeping bag made out of light weight cotton fabric) and sleeping in that is the suggested way of cooling down and keeping the bugs off. Live and learn.

Another gorgeous hike up to Lost lake. This time with Elliot and all our grand canyon gear.


Awesome hike with Audrey up to lost lake in indian peaks wilderness.