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Managing oss contributions with Git and Ruby Gems

Once you start using opensource at your day job you are going to want to improve it. Many improvements are going to be generally useful and should be contributed back to the community. A few of these changes may be quite specific and of no value to the community at large. Changes that are generally […]

Reverting changes in git

Note to self: If you need to revert commits that have already been pushed, or otherwised merged with any other repo or branch, use git revert. git reset is exclusively for undoing commits in your local working tree that have not seen the light of day. Attempting to use git reset to undo changes that […]


This week I worked on a project that uses Subversion and, man, what a difference a year makes. Back then I dreamed of being able use Subversion instead of Perforce. Now using svn feels a bit like walking around waste deep in water. I have been using Git almost exclusively for the last couple of […]