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Elliot’s 6th Birthday

Elliot is six today! It has been a big year. Probably the biggest thing is kindergarten which he loves. He is getting to be a big kid but he definitely still has his little kid moments.


Elliot started kindergarten last week. So far things are going pretty well. He likes learning new things and he seems smitten with his teacher. One day last week was “his favorite day of kindergarten” because they “did math”. I am pretty sure Elliot, and the other kids, are going to have a good year. The […]

Elliot is 5

Happy Birthday Elliot! Elliot is five today. He is getting to be a very big boy now. Last Saturday I took him to Elitch Gardens. We spent a great six hours playing. You cannot go wrong with a day of sugar, video games and rides. He is big enough to ride quite a few rides […]

We Must Be Doing Something Right

Yesterday while Elliot, Audrey and I were walking through DFW1 Elliot – he is 4 years old – asked me, “Where are we going?” “Concourse C, but I am not sure which gate yet2.”, I said. “Daddy, is it C dot com or C and some other letters?”, Elliot asked in reply. Which, I must […]