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Ev and I at Neon Masquerade. The bands were awesome and black lights are always fun!

Why i don’t love schemas

Once, long ago, i thought that schemas were great and that they could provide much value. Schemas hold the promise of declaratively and unambiguously defining message formats. Many improvements would be “easy” once such a definition was available. Automated low-code validations, automagically created high quality, verifiably correct documentation, clearer understanding of inputs, etc. I tried […]

supervisor child startup in elixir

Fact: Supervisors fully serialize the startup of their children. Each child’s init/1 function runs to completion before the supervisor starts the next child. For example, given modules ModuleA and ModuleB that implement both the init/1 callback and this supervisor: Supervisor.start_link([ ModuleA, ModuleB ], strategy: :one_for_one) The ModuleA child process will be started and its init/1 function […]

hypermedia format manifesto

Through my work developing and consuming APIs i have come to value: evolvability over message and implementation simplicity self describing messages over reduced message sizes standards over bespoke solutions human readability over client simplicity uniformity over flexibility I value the things on the right, but i value the things on the left more. evolvability over […]

How i judge software engineers

My kid’s teachers routinely provide rubrics for assignments. At first blush, rubrics are tools to make grading an assessment easier. They are effective in that role. They turn out to be at least as effective at communicating expectations. Readers of a rubric can quickly and easily determine what is important. Recently i developed a rubric […]

Skiing a beautiful spring day at Loveland ski area.

Eclipse 2017

10 minutes to totality Sunset at 12:56 And the light is back

Sometimes Audrey is still just a kid playing at the park.

Doing our touristly duty (Great Platte River Road Archway Monument) while waiting on the eclipse. 

Marian Hill is awesome!