South America - Santiago (and Atlanta)

I was booked to fly from Denver to Santiago with a short layover in Atlanta. However, my flight from Denver was slightly delayed so i miss the Santiago leg and had to spend 24 hours in Atlanta (there is only one flight to Santiago per day). This turned out to be really nice. I took the opportunity to visit the Martin Luther King Jr National Historical Park. It was a Sunday so the museum, etc were closed but it is a interesting neighborhood to walk around.

visitor center through trees

cool looking church

After that i headed to the nearby Piedmont Park. There was a Jazz festival happening so I lazed about the park listening to Joe Alterman and some other artists that escape my memory until it was time to head the airport. All in all it was a great way to spend an unexpected visit to Atlanta.

downtown Atlanta over pond

Then i was on to Santiago. My flight arrived early the next morning so i connected with Joshua and Sophia and we started exploring Santiago starting with the Plaza de Armas.

the crew for this adventure

Santiago is covered in beautiful street art which makes wandering around a real treat.

mural and tree lined street

We ended the day watching a beautiful sunset from San Cristóbal Hill.

sunset over Santiago Chile

Tomorrow we are off to explore other parts of Chile.