Yay! Atheist billboards in Colorado

I have been out of town for a few days and i completely missed that COCORE has put up eleven of these billboards on the Colorado front range.1

COCORE billboard

Or, rather, they wanted to put those billboards on the front range. It seems the have had to settle for just Denver and Colorado Springs because Next Media refused to carry the message in the cities it serves. I am disappointed that even today there are companies that are willing to enforce theistic censorship, but at least there are some willing to take our money.

It also seems that there have been some complaints by “christians” about the billboards. Obviously there is nothing offensive about the billboards. Any suggestion to that effect is so absurd that the only reasonable response is to laugh.

Rather than engaging with the voices of intolerance, i will simply affirm my strong support for the project. To that end i donated a little money the Boulder Atheists who are sponsoring the billboards. There is a “Make a Donation” button on their web site where you too can contribute to this worthy cause. Maybe if they get enough we can have more than just eleven billboards.

  1. Hat tip to writerdd over at Skepchick.

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