BarCamp Boulder 3

BarCamp Boulder is on. It will be held October 17th and 18th (2008) at the TechStars bunker in downtown Boulder. The last one was great and I expect this one will be even better.

Reasons you should come:

  • you like meeting smart and interesting people
  • you are passionate about something that the rest of us should know about
  • you are interested in learning new things
  • you want to learn about a specific topic1
  • you want to help bolster the technology community in Boulder

If any, or all, of those reasons fit, you should definitely come. You will not be disappointed. Go put you name on the list of attendees. Now. I look forward to seeing you there.

  1. Scheduling a session about a topic you want to know more about is perfectly OK. If there are any people with expertise on that topic they will probably come. If there aren’t any experts, an interesting group discussion will happen and everyone will share what to do know.

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