The Sad State of Mobile Phones

The current crop of phones are depressingly lame. I am currently using a Samsung t519. It has served me well for pretty close to two years now. My two biggest complaints with it are that phone allowed T-Mobile to permanently hijacked the right soft button, and that is, perhaps, a tiny bit too thick. That second complaint is particularly unfortunate given the fact that I believe it to be the thinnest phone ever available in the US.

A few days ago I dropped my phone. It still works but case cracked so I decided that it was probably time for a new phone. Two years is a pretty good run for a phone. So I mossied over to my local T-Mobile kiosk to take a look at what is available. Man does the selection suck. The are all bricks with absolutely no sense of style. Hell, my very first cell phone, the Nokia 2190, (in 1997) looked almost as good as most of the phone available today. And it was only a little bigger.

How is it that phones have gotten less interesting, and larger, in the last two years? I guess I am not the target market for phones being produced today. If someone where to produce a thin candy bar with a decent sense of style and a reasonable feature set I would definitely be interested. Until that happens I think I am just oing to continue to use my two-year-old-but-still-better-than-anything-that-is-available-today phone until it actually stops working.