“Today was such a good day”

So said Elliot on the way home yesterday evening. And he was right.

We spent the morning at Boulder Reservoir for a company picnic. The food and the band were great. And the kids had a blast playing in the water, jumping in the bouncy castle and riding the boats.1

One the way home we noticed that there was a lot of air traffic around the Boulder Airport. So on a whim, we drove over to see what was up. It turned out that the second annual Airport Day was going on. Both Audrey and Elliot love airplanes so it was a big hit. There were many aircraft to look at and planes and helicopters where landing and taking off very frequently. The kids were in heaven.

And then Catherine spotted the glider rides booth. They were running a special for Airport Day. So Elliot an I took a short glider ride. It is a beautiful thing. The mountains and Boulder are gorgeous from a couple of thousand feet. Elliot is pretty sure that gliders are the best thing since sliced bread, now. All in all, a spectacular way to miss nap time.

Elliot in front of glider

After all that excitement we did manage to get the kids to nap for an hour or so before we dropped them off at a friend’s house so that Catherine and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. We had a really nice, relaxing diner at Iron Mountain Winery. Followed by some coffee and perusing in a book store.

Yep, I think “Today was such a good day.” pretty much sums it up.

  1. This was my first experience with peddle boats, actually. They are a bit more work operate than I expected.

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