Modest Mouse at Red Rocks

On Wednesday Catherine, Joshua (get a blog) and I saw Modest Mouse at Red Rocks. They put on a really excellent show and Red Rocks has got to be one of the coolest venues in the country. As Scott Davis said “No one should die before seeing their favorite band play Red Rocks”.1 My ears are still ringing but that is a small price to pay for seeing such an amazing show.

Modest Mouse at Red Rock tickets

My only real complaint is that the sound engineering was pretty crap. It took about three songs to get the levels right for the vocalists. For each of the three acts. I have a little bit of advice, as complete amateur, for the sound engineers at Red Rock: How about you set levels for the instruments with direct inputs to only be a few dB over the pain threshold. That way you will have some headroom when the singing starts. It will still hurt peoples ears so you would still be cool with your sound engineering buddies and we would be able to hear the, undistorted, vocals.

  1. He is also right about the Denver Botanic Gardens. Their grassy bowl encourages an intimacy unlike any other venue I have ever been to. You should go see something there too.

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