My New Job

I have been at my new job for just over a month now so I suppose it is time to post something about it. I joined Absolute Performance at the end of November. We do “operations management solutions” which is marketing speak for helping you – both reactively and proactively – keep your applications, and systems, available and meeting SLAs.

I am back to developing in Ruby which makes me immensely happy. The technology around here is a mix of C++ and Ruby but my primary role is working on the browser based front-end for our monitoring infrastructure. That means I spend the vast majority of my time in Rails. It has been a great pleasure moving back into Ruby after being exiled into PHP, on which really cannot be overstated.

With the new job I expect my posting frequency to pick up a little. At my previous company there turned out to be some concerns about my some of my posts. That really took the joy out of posting, and therefore reduced the number precipitously. I look forward to working my way back to something like my peak frequency.