Mini Vacation in Colorado Springs

For Labor Day we took the kids on a mini-vacation to Colorado Springs. There are a lot of touristy things to do near Colorado Springs.

The first we went to Cave of the Winds. Cat and I enjoyed the tour but Elliot thought was a little boring. He did find a quite few a bits of it interesting but you are not allowed to run and jump and touch everything which makes things a little harder for the the three year old set.

Catherine, Elliot, Audrey and Peter at the Cave of the Winds

That afternoon we rode the Royal Gorge Railroad. It is an excellent way to spend the afternoon. Elliot loves trains and mountains so getting to ride a train though the mountains was great. It is even better when you make choo-choo noises.

Catherine holding Elliot while he make choo-choo noises

And Audrey loved the wind in her hair on the open observation car.

Audrey and Peter on the open observation car

The next day we went to the Garden of the Gods. The scenery is simply amazing and both Elliot and Audrey love rocks.

Elliot on a rock

Elliot jumping off a rock

This week-end was also the annual balloon festival in Colorado Springs. We did not manage to make it for any of the mass ascents – they happen early in the morning – but we did go to the balloon glow Sunday evening which was very cool.

Glowing balloons

Even the drive home was nice. We came back to Denver the very indirect way though the mountains. I got to see the real South Park for the first time and it was definitely worth the extra couple of hours.

This was our first vacation in about two year and it was nearly perfect. Hopefully, it won’t take another two years before we do it again.