No RubyConf for Me

Last week I was on vacation and did not touch a computer for six days. That was nice except that the organizers of RubyConf1 choose that week to open registration for RubyConf 2006. It sold out the first day2, of course. That means that I am not going to RubyConf this year, even though it is being held within driving distance of my house. I guess I can live vicariously through the blogs of people who are going.

Anyway, if anyone reading this is going and would like to meet up and have a beer while you are in Denver send me an email.

  1. By the way, if you go to just plain you get the RubyGems home page rather than the RubyConf page.


  2. I do have to say that 200-ish seats is an absurdly small number of seats for a conference on such a hot topic. Not that is would have helped me, I missed registration by days.

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