Emacs 22

On Mr Yegge’s suggestion I recently upgraded to Emacs 22. I needed to do a Japanese localization of the web app on which I was working so I decide that now was the time to upgrade since apparently version 22 is pretty stable, even though it is not yet released. That has to be the best 20 minutes I have spent in a long time. Emacs 22 actually handles non-Latin-1 character correctly. Now I can use my favorite IDE even when I am working with non-English content which is pretty much all the time.

While searching for a Windows binary (I really miss Ubuntu) I ran across EmacsW321 which has a Windows installer which includes both the W32 extensions and a CVS snapshot build of Emacs 22. If you are an Emacs user, or you think you might like to wield the most powerful text manipulation tool in existence, go read Mr Yegge’s article and then upgrade to Emacs 22. And if you are on Windows EmacsW32 works beautifully. You will not be disappointed.

  1. I am not sure exactly how I have managed to use Emacs on Windows for 7 years without being aware of EmacsW32 but it is really nice. Now maybe I will be able to stop killing applications by trying to paste into them using C-w.

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