Last Day at CFP Board

Today is my last day at CFP Board. That means that this is my last day working with RoR professionally, for a while at least, and that makes me a little sad.

RoR is a sweet piece of work. It is a platform on which a developer can be enormously productive. For example, I fixed three minor bugs before lunch today. By fixed I mean I analyzed the issue, implemented a test, implemented the change, and deployed the new version into production. I have not worked with any other system that supported that kind of velocity with any level of confidence. The dynamic nature of Ruby and Rails allows you to move amazing fast and the tight integration of testing into RoR allow you to do so without having to compromise the quality of the system.

Velocity is like a drug, the more you have the more you want. I have been super productive the last couple of weeks and everyday I wanted just a little more. Over the long run the pace I have had the last couple of weeks is not sustainableAt some point I will remember I have over 2000 unread items in my aggregator and before I know it whole days will be spent just learning stuff. Useful to be sure but it does not have the same umph as writing a boat load code., but damn it feels good while it lasts.