Life in Progress

Things have been a little quiet around here lately because my life has gotten a little busy.

We close on our new house on Friday and we close on our current house the middle of next month. Fortunately, that gives us a couple of weeks to move. The new house is a bit less characterful than we had hoped we would find but it is a great house for us. It is quite a bit larger than our current house. It has a nice backyard, not too big and not too small, and it is just around the corner from a park.

I have accepted a position with WebRoot Software. I have been looking since my current job changed. My new job is not a Rails job (yet) but it is both user facing and data oriented web applications. So my strong opinions about web application architecture and dynamic languages will serve me well. The downside of taking a new job is that there are a few loose ends at CFP Board that I need to finish off so that I can leave with a clean conscience, which means I am even more busy than usual.

I am really excited about the opportunity at WebRoot. The thing I am most excited about, though, is that at WebRoot I will be surrounded by people who live and breath software. CFP Board was nice because the technology we where using but after Donnie left we never had the sort of thought provoking discussions about software that I became accustom to while working for software companies.