Imaginative Play

The other day Elliot and I were at the dinosaur play area at FlatIron Crossing Mall1 and Elliot started playing imaginary ball. He grabbed my hand and pulled me 6 or so feet and pointed at the empty floor and said, “the ball is right there.” It took a couple of tries on his part because his enunciation was not very good2 and with no context I just did not understand him at first.

After I figure out there was an imaginary ball we had a great time playing race-ball. Race-ball is our favorite ball game it goes something like this. Someone throws, or kicks, the ball and then we race each other to where the ball lands. Whoever gets to the ball first gets to throw the ball next. Repeat until the youngest player gets distracted.

That was the first time I had seen Elliot engage in imaginative play but since then imaginative play, of various sorts, has become quite common.

  1. That malls have started using camel case might well be a sign that the end is nigh. Camel case is obviously contagious and is, therefore, an evil to be avoided at all costs.


  2. Since then he has had ear tubes installed and his enunciation has improve rapidly since then. I am almost always able to understand him now, even in situations where there is very little context available.

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