House Shopping

Have I mentioned lately that I hate house shopping. Actually, maybe it is house selling I hate. Either way I will be very, very, very happy when this moving thing is over.

Our second potential house feel through other the week-end. It was a plain house that backed to a nice park in the burbs. The location was great but house was only okayThe inside had a lot of potential but the outside was just boring. The inspection came up with $15-20k worth of improvements that would need to be done pretty quickly so I think we are done with that house. We need a project house because DIY home improvements are our hobby, but that is a little too much.

We have only been on the market for three weeks but I am exhausted. I really don’t want to own two houses at the same time, but it might be worth it to have a place that we did not have to clear out of every evening so it can be shown to perspective buyers. Finding a house was so much easier last time (you know, when we were living in an apartment and did not have any kids).

Catherine has found some more house that look good on paper so we are off to see another potential is just a few minutes. Hopefully this one will be the one. Unfortunately, this one is not near a park at all, but it looks nice.