Changes At Work

There was recently a change in the IT management here where I work. This lead to a change in the IT strategy. We are now going to focus on fixing the many problems with the existing system, rather than implementing a replacement. That means the Ruby on Rails project I have been working on for the last few months has been terminated, just a week after we went live.Nearly the same thing happened to me at DigitalGlobe. I joined a group that was developing in Ruby and then it was reorganized out of existance and I was moved on the a Java development team. But, as [Cote]( pointed out at the last [Denver Tech Meetup](, I suppose that this is one of the risks of embracing a leading edge technology.

When I joined this organization a few months ago I accepted a Ruby on Rails job. The fact that I would be working with new and interesting technologies, like Ruby on Rails, was a major draw for me. That combined with the IT director at the time, who was someone I liked and respected, made it an opportunity I could not pass up. But, now that IT director has left and the technology is different than what I signed on for.

The existing system is written in C#. I have no experience with .NET or C#, but I am a language whore so learning a new language is something I rather enjoy doing. And from what I have read .NET seems like a reasonably nice platform. On the other hand, I really like dynamic languages, like Ruby and Python, and I think they are the way of the future. They are more productive, and just plain more fun, than any of the static languages I currently know. I would really miss closures if I had to give them upCan delegates in C# be used as closures? and I would miss my Ubuntu box.It is possible that I could develop under Mono but since I am going to be developing for a Windows production environment I will run Windows, at least until Mono gets a bit more mature.

It is always hard to have a project canceled before it is done but this one is especially disappointing because the system was coming together nicely and the technology was so interesting.