Update On The Kids

Update: Due to a misconfiguration some of my blog entries from the month of February where recently lost. This is merely a repost of the original content.

It has been a long time since I posted about the family. Too long, in fact, because a lot has been happening.

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Audrey can sit all by herself. She can also roll over (both ways)
and is trying, unsuccessfully so far, to crawl. This is a fun stage,
not that another mobile child is really what we need right now. She is
also a lot more playful and talkative that a couple of weeks ago. It
seems that when she turned five months old she decided to stop being
lazy and get some skillz. Just a few Weeks ago she was not very
interested in rolling, sitting or crawling.

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The changes are more gradual at two years than at five months but they are still coming. Elliot talks a lot now. He loves the computer, as you can probably tell from the picture. He is especially fond of Peek-A-Boo with Elmo, Zoe and Big BirdPeek-A-Boo game link only works if you have the Flash plugin installed. on Sesame Street’s website. Catherine is happy because Elliot finally started calling her “mama”.Up until a month, or so, ago both she and I were “daddy”.

It is snowing today, and Elliot loves snow. We had to eat breakfast
this morning sitting on a stool in the kitchen so that Elliot could
look out the window and watch the snow. And brushing snow off of the
cars, now that is fun.

Anyway, mostly I just wanted to show off my kids, because they are so cute.