Update: Due to a misconfiguration some of my blog entries from the month of Feburary recently lost. This is merely a repost of the original content.

I get older I have been slowly reducing the number of additions I
maintain. These day, about the only addiction I have left is caffeine
and it is officially under siege.

Elliot has become increasingly more interested in what I and
Catherine do. To the point that lately he has been asking for coffee.
He is, of course, not allowed to have coffee but repetition of the
request is beginning to be bothersome. To the point where I will
probably have to curtail my coffee consumption when Elliot is around. I
suppose I will switch to tea rather than be completely decaffeinated.
We have some fruity herbal tea that Elliot likes and he has not noticed
the difference between it and the tea I drink, yet.

By coincidence I am reading Complicity by Iain BanksGreat book, by the way. Though, probably not for everyone. It is quite dark and twisted.
whose protagonist is a drug addicted journalist. Mr. Banks has a
brilliant way with words and managed to remind me how I felt when I
first started smokingIt has been over 7 months since I stopped smoking. That is long enough that I had to go look in my blog archives to figure out when I stopped. I am definitely not going to start smoking again, at least not until I can order replacement lungs over the Internet, but do miss it sometimes. and drinking coffee, which happened about the same time.

I sucked that smoke in and made it part of me, joined mystically with
the universe right at that point, said Yes to drugs forever just by the
unique hit I got from that one packet of fags Andy liberated from his
dad. It was a revelation, and epiphany; a sudden realisation that it
was possible for matter — something in front of you, in your hand, in
your lungs, in your pocket — to take your brain apart and reassemble it
in ways you hadn’t thought of previously.