A Mac Of My Own?

I have never really been drawn to the Mac the way many of my peers seem to be. I am very happy with Ubuntu and could really not see any reason why I would move off of such a nice platform.

My boss, Donald MarinoDonnie is a card carrying koolaid drinker, by which I mean he has a mac.com email address., had other plans, and has ordered PowerBooksThe old G4 machines, not the new MacBooks. for all the developers where we work. Donnie did offer to let me keep my Linux box but after throwing my back out lugging my Dell XPSI inherited this box from a previous employee. It is very fast, has a great screen (though the reflectivity is annoying most of the time) and an arbitrarily large hard drive. Unfortunately, it weighs as much as the desktop for which it is a replacement. back and forth to work a few times I decided to try this Mac thing. At the very least it will hurt my back less.

I find my self a little sad to leave Linux, even though my new machine will probably not arrive for weeks. I am consoling myself with the fact that I will have a nice BSD machine underneath the slightly garish GUI. I really have no doubt that I will find the Mac a fine place to work, once I get use to it. Many people that I respect claim that the Mac is a great place to develop software. But I still feel a bit like lemming.