Audrey Update

A two month old Audrey

Audrey at two months old.

Audrey is two months old now, so I think it is time for an update. Audrey is such an easy baby. Before Audrey was born Catherine and I worried that we might have used all our easy baby karma on Elliot. However, I think Audrey might be even more easy going than Elliot was. She smiles all the time now, which is so cute. She has laughed a few times but it is not really a regular occurrence yet.

A couple of weeks ago she started rolling from front to back occasionally. This morning she rolled over several times so I think that she has figured out how to do it when ever she wants. Now she only needs to figure out rolling from front to back and she will be mobile.

She has not become attached to any particular toy yet. She enjoys playing the kick chimes on her play mat. Her favorite activity is playing with Elliot. He is really good with her and she would rather be near Elliot than do almostEating is the only thing she would rather do. She prefers eating to everything. anything else.