Digital Restriction Management

David Berlind explains why DRM is so dangerous.

Copyright holders are certainly entitled to charge what they want for their music and let the market decide, and if the content is good enough and the price is right, I’m happy to pay. But, judging by reality (how DRM is being used), DRM’s goal apparently doesn’t stop there. Instead of managing my fair use rights to the content I’m paying for, it’s restricting them. Thus, the R in DRM is really for Restrictions, not Rights.

He goes on to describe how DRM leads a technological monoculture and how that monoculture negatively affects both content consumers and producers. I decided a while ago that I would never own an iPod, because I refused to conspire against my peers, children and self by paying Apple money to be evil. However, Mr Berlind does a much better job defending my choice than I ever have.