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Security is a thing at my new job. We follow PCI security standards. We take great care never to have our customers sensitive information on unsecured machines. We make efforts to stay aware of the security risks in our environments. With that in mind, i decide that storing all my work related files on my […]

First day at ID Watchdog

Today is my first on the job at ID Watchdog. After the normal pleasantries of getting a desk, etc, i had the pleasure of over hearing a conversation of some ops people in the kitchen. Apparently, a not so nice person provided the police with the identity of one of our clients rather than his […]

Will code for food

I am on the job market again. If you needs some help exposing your applications functionality via REST web APIs, we should talk. If you need some assistance developing, deploying and managing a Ruby application, I have the skills you need. If you need someone that can learn your code base and your business processes, […]

Will code for …

I am no longer with Gnip. Which means that am available for other opportunities. I know a fair bit about REST, HTTP, web services, extensible system design and scalable architecture. I like agile (small a) processes, Behavior (or test) driven development and dynamic languages. I am also pretty good at designing data interchange formats in […]

My (Soon to Be) New Gig

I recently started feeling a bit like Joey deVilla did before he changed jobs. I was way too comfortable and needed some real challenges to drive my career and personal development forward. That combined with my long standing1 envy of those lucky people involved in startups lead me to explore the startup scene in Boulder2. […]