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Why is `Rational(3,1).integer?` false in ruby?

“There are more people under “correctional supervision” in America than were in the Gulag Archipelago under Stalin” http://t.co/IEfDE411

Morality is about make the world a better place, not religion. http://t.co/mWVyobr2

My “cloud” tool chain http://t.co/DJXOWazN

“libraries … are guaranteed not to change during runtime” = a language i *don’t* need to learn – http://t.co/FAjiIcFq

That first cup of good coffee after not having any for a week is sooo good.

The “Edit with Emacs” chrome extension rocks. http://t.co/qGiyJv5

Big thumbs up for both NoJa and serda’s. Downtown Mobile has come a long way. .

Involvement in standardization efforts has made me really appreciate the brilliance of the IETF’s “rough consensus and running code” culture

Today @fmorganwhitney declared himself “the Shakespeare of your mom jokes”