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Wow! Spark-cassandra-connector seems to be about twice as fast as Calliope.

Apparently @asus’ idea of warranty “support” is to delay and misdirect but to *never* actually replace the broken device.

I’m officially a GitHubber: https://t.co/ta4zKjIO

My first day at GitHub is over. I can’t wait to get back into it tomorrow.

The absurd size of the latest generation of android phones is almost enough to make me buy an iPhone.

http://t.co/rxO6jFPy = Best. Layover. Ever.

The coffee in iceland is shockingly good. Even the airport coffee is great.

A clear and concise way to describe JSON base formats http://t.co/bjM6QfrQ

Hello San Francisco

Remembering how much I love Dry Sack