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RESTful resource creation (redux)

Benjamin Carlyle has posted a followup about using PUT to create new resources in which he brings up some interesting issues. First, it seems I miss understood his original idea slightly. My misunderstanding does not affect how I feel about his approach much. I don’t like the idea of PUT-ting to a “factory” resource with […]

Better resource creation

It seems that I was a little unclear in my post about using the HTTP PUT method for resource creation, so let me try again. In this post Benjamin Carlyle points out that using POST for resource creation has some serious flaws. To see the main problem with using POST for resource creation consider the […]

Software engineering as manufacting?

It seems that if you tilt your head just the right way software engineering has a lot in common with manufacturing. One thing I like about this idea is that it does a pretty good job of explaining why agile software development practices work.

Deprecating POST

Benjamin Carlyle has an interesting bit about the possibility of deprecating the HTTP POST method. I think most people who have thought deeply about RESTful architectures have had similar thoughts. GET, PUT and DELETE are all nicely idempotent, but POST is not. GET, PUT, and DELETE have clean, well defined semantics, but POST does not. […]

Some thoughts about PHP

I have been using PHP1 as my primary language for five months now so I feel somewhat qualified to speak about it. My overall conclusion is that PHP is weak sauce. It is easy to get started with PHP but it’s usefulness decreases as the complexity of the application increases. This is primarily because keeping […]


I finally got around to setting up Selenium and writing a few tests yesterday. I have been meaning to do that ever since Charlie pointed it out to me a few months ago. Man, I wish I hadn’t waited. Selenium is easily the best way to test a web app that I have every tried. […]

Megalomania in Revision Control Systems

The more I work with Perforce the more annoyed I get with it’s belief that it is the center of the software development process. Not that Perforce is not unique in believing this. In fact, many commercial revision control systems have this same megalomania. So, commercial revision control vendors, let me clue you in. Revision […]

Mercurial and Perforce

I have been learning two different source control systems in the last couple of weeks. Source control systems are a vital tool in any software development activity so I want to share my impressions of these tools. Mercurial I finally got around to setting up a repository for my personal projects1. For these projects, I […]


Alex Bunardzic has written an interesting article about namespaces. He calls into question the usefulness of the canonical approach of hierarchically structured namespaces. I think he’s onto something but his example are pretty weak. It is easy to pick on the Java package names because they are often over the top. Unfortunately, Java package names […]

PHP Markdown with Footnotes

I have been using Markdown to write my blog posts for quite some time now and I really like it. I was a little surprised how much I liked it when I first switched because before I had been writing in HTML which works well. But it really is easier to focus on the content […]