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RSpec Emacs Mode

I just released a small Emacs minor mode, rspec-mode that provides some convenience functions related to dealing with RSpec. So far this minor mode provides some enhancements to ruby-mode in the contexts of RSpec specifications. Namely, it provides the following capabilities: toggle back and forth between a spec and it’s target (bound to \C-c so) […]

When To Use Exceptions

Marty Alchin recently posted about the “evils” of returning None (or nil or null depending on your language of choice). I think he has it basically right. Sure there are situations where returning nil1 is appropriate, but they are pretty rare. For example, if a method actually does what the client asked and there is […]

ActiveRecord race conditions

Ara Howard has discovered that the ActiveRecord validation mechanism does not ensure data integrity.1 Validations feel a bit like database constraints but it turns out they are really only useful for producing human friendly error messages. This is because the assertions they define are tested by reading from the database before the changes are written […]

Decouple the File in your Rails Plugin, Please

Defining new behavior for core Rails classes in mixins is a common pattern in Rails plugins. This allows for a separation of concerns that improves maintainability and digestability. However, it raises a bit of question about where the mixin inclusion step should take place. Should it happen in the plugin’s init.rb or in the same […]