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Even the errors are happy making

This has got to be my favorite RoR error message: 1) Error: test_truth(Admin::EscalationMgt::EscalationViewsControllerTest): ArgumentError: Admin::EscalationMgt is not missing constant EscalationViewsController! Only in Rails would the fact that you are trying to use a constant that does exist be an error.

My New Job

I have been at my new job for just over a month now so I suppose it is time to post something about it. I joined Absolute Performance at the end of November. We do “operations management solutions” which is marketing speak for helping you – both reactively and proactively – keep your applications, and […]

DrySQL: Not All I Had Hoped

I happened upon DrySQL the other day and I was immediately interested. DrySQL is an add-on to the standard ActiveRecord support in Rails that uses a lot more of the meta-data in the database to generated the model classes. The standard ActiveRecord classes basically just use the column names to create accessor and modifier methods […]

HTTP Is All You Need

Mr. Davidson saying that “FastCGI is weak sauce” and HTTP is were it’s at. Damn right. I am glad to see the Rails community is coming realizing the power of HTTP.

RailsConf Ticket

I am not going to be able to attend RailsConf this year. That means I have one RailsConf ticket I would like to sell at face value ($400 US). I also have a conference rate ($100/night) hotel reservation for June 22-26 at the Wyndham O’Hare that I will transfer to whomever buys the ticket. If […]

Last Day at CFP Board

Today is my last day at CFP Board. That means that this is my last day working with RoR professionally, for a while at least, and that makes me a little sad. RoR is a sweet piece of work. It is a platform on which a developer can be enormously productive. For example, I fixed […]

Tonic — A RESTful Web Application Framework

TonicVia [Sam Buchanan](http://afongen.com/blog/) is a very promising RESTful web application framework for PHP. If you are doing web development in PHP I definitely suggest you take a closer look. I am always interested in how RESTful behaviors are implemented, regardless of the language and environment used so I went and had a little peek at […]

Structural Data in Rails

On a recent project I ran into a situation where I needed some structural data. I was writing a conference registration application. Each track at the conference costs a different amount and attendees can sign up for more than one track. We already have an accounting infrastructure that has a concept of a “product”, which […]

(Another) Rest Controller for Rails

Charlie has released his take on a RestController for Rails. That is very sweet. It is great to see more work on RESTful Rails. It seems to me that each attempt gets closer to an approach I could believe in and be proud of. And, I get a warm fuzzy feeling any time I see […]

Denver Ruby on Rails Group Meeting on Wednesday

This month’s DeRailed meeting is this Wednesday, March 15. The agenda looks very interesting, including a session about the differences in RoR 1.1. I missed the inaugural meeting last month but think I am going to be able to make it to this one.