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The Health Care Debate

Cunning realist expresses my thought about the health care debate rather concisely. … in the United States we are getting near an era of civil unrest with hussein Obama pushing Socialism/Nazism on the people … During the past few weeks I’ve alternated between alarm and uninterested contempt. I’m still not sure which is more appropriate. […]

Why I am voting for Obama

I watched the third presidential debate last night. Overall, I would say that not much new ground was covered. However, there was one moment that I thought was quite telling. At one point John McCain suggested that school vouchers are the solution to all our education woes. Barack Obama replied, “I disagree with him on […]

The rule of law

I just finished watching a talk by the new president of the ABA1. It covers a lot of good material. I am particularly interested in the World Justice Project. I have recently been realizing how deeply important the rule of law is. I have reached the conclusion that both liberty and prosperity rely almost exclusively […]

Against Torture

I don’t often write about affairs of state in this space. This is not due to a lack of interest. It is due more to the fear that I hold many of my political views rather too strongly to communicate them effectively. However, there are issues that I think it would be immoral not to […]

Wasted Votes

I finally got around to reading my ”blue book”1 for this election last night. Even though the ballot measures this election are pretty much a waste of ink I am happy that I live in a state that has ballot measures. In fact, in most elections it is the only reason I vote. Almost everyone’s […]

Hiring Should be Obsolete

Paul Graham has a new essay, Hiring is Obsolete. As usual it is quite insightful, though perhaps just a little self serving in light of his latest venture. I feel just a bit disappointed when I read about other people’s experiences related to founding startups. Now that I have a family the risk founding a […]

What Is Up With The Fed


Pretexts Are Easy

You should read this ABC article on “Operation Northwoods” if you have ever thought that any government can be trusted. Basically, it boils down to a plan by the US military to attack the US and blame it on Cuba so that there would be public support for an invasion of Cuba. And Operation Northwoods […]