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(Another) Rest Controller for Rails

Charlie has released his take on a RestController for Rails. That is very sweet. It is great to see more work on RESTful Rails. It seems to me that each attempt gets closer to an approach I could believe in and be proud of. And, I get a warm fuzzy feeling any time I see […]

JetBrains Meta Programming System

JetBrains has announced an “early access program” for their new language workbench, Meta Programming System. The era of Language Oriented Programming is fast approaching and I, for one, welcome our new domain specific masters.

Martin Fowler on LOP

Martin Fowler has done a nice write up about Language Oriented Programming and the breed of tools, that have recently appeared, to support it.

RE: Dynamicity and Throwing Money at Problems

Brian McCallister has in interesting post on how XML is used by the Java community. I think he is right about the fact that most of the XML dialects being used in the Java world go against the grain of Java. However, I think they are not being used for dynamicity, at least by his […]

Coding Is Not Construction

The other day I was talking to a colleague and I compared software development with building a building. I have heard this analogy often and there are a lot of similarities. (For example, most buildings and software systems are, at least partly, custom.) I think there is much to be learned from this analogy when […]


Jon Udell on DSLs. I think he has it right. DSLs are the way of the future. You only need to look that the proliferation of XML flavors used in the Java world to see that basically everyone has decided that using a DSL is better that writing Java code. I think this is especially […]