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hypermedia format manifesto

Through my work developing and consuming APIs i have come to value: evolvability over message and implementation simplicity self describing messages over reduced message sizes standards over bespoke solutions human readability over client simplicity uniformity over flexibility I value the things on the right, but i value the things on the left more. evolvability over […]

Announcing HalClient (for ruby)

HalClient is yet another ruby client library for HAL based web APIs. The goal is to provide an easy to use set of abstractions on top of HAL without completely hiding the HAL based API underneath. The areas of complication that HalClient seeks to simplify are CURIE links regular vs embedded links templated links working […]

HTML is domain specific

The partisans of generic media types sometimes hold up HTML as an example of how much can be accomplished without domain specific media types. HTML doesn’t have application/business specific semantics and the whole human facing web uses it, so machine clients should be able to use a generic media type too. There is just one […]

Bookmarks and URI based versioning

Threads about how to version hypermedia (or REST) APIs are multitude. I certainly have made my opinion known in the past. That being said, the most common approach being used in the wild is putting a version number in the URI of the resources which are part of the API. For example, http://api.example.com/v1/products/42. That approach […]