Gnip Launches

Yesterday Gnip launched! We have a killer service offering. And apparently lots of other people agree. I am totally stoked to be part of the Gnip team.

The Gnip blog does a good job describing why we exist and what we do.

If you are looking for the quick elevator pitch it goes something like this: If are a consumer of public data APIs and would like to stop polling hundreds or thousands of URLs, we provide a way to notify you when any event meeting your interest criteria has happened. If you are a producer of data and would like to allow the world access to your data but the load of thousands of consumers polling your API is hard to manage, we help you by providing data consumers event notification. (Meaning they will only need to hit your API when something they actually care about has happened.)

If either one of those sounds interesting you should definitely check us out.

My (Soon to Be) New Gig

I recently started feeling a bit like Joey deVilla did before he changed jobs. I was way too comfortable and needed some real challenges to drive my career and personal development forward. That combined with my long standing1 envy of those lucky people involved in startups lead me to explore the startup scene in Boulder2. Now that exploration has paid off.

I have accepted a position on the technical staff of Gnip. I will be joining Eric Marcoullier and Jud Valeski in their efforts to create a compelling bit of web infrastructure. (I will be more forth coming in near future, I promise.) I can’t wait to tackle the challenges this opportunity is going to present.

  1. And I do mean long standing. Pretty much since my first programming gig at an established firm, in the midst of the dot com bubble, 10 years ago.

  2. There are more startups than you can shake a stick at in Boulder these days. In the Denver metro area this is where the action is.