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I have been working pretty extensively with Cucumber for the last couple of weeks. In short, it is killer. You should be using it. Having just RSpec/unit tests results in a lot of ugly trade offs between verifying the design and implementation of the parts (or units) vs the system as a whole. Using Cucumber […]

Envy Code R

I love the new Envy Code R font. It’s very clear and easy to read. I had looked at this font in the past and quite liked it. However, I need a somewhat larger font than its native size and previous releases of it did not scale very well. Fortunately, the new version (pr7) seems […]

RSpec Emacs Mode

I just released a small Emacs minor mode, rspec-mode that provides some convenience functions related to dealing with RSpec. So far this minor mode provides some enhancements to ruby-mode in the contexts of RSpec specifications. Namely, it provides the following capabilities: toggle back and forth between a spec and it’s target (bound to \C-c so) […]

Nicer phpDoc Comments

Some days it is the little things that make you happy. This is a story of how a little elisp1 made me happy today. We use phpDocumentor to extract the documentation from our PHP code. It is a workable solution but the format is a bit hard to read in plain text. The examples on […]