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Notes on Postmodern Programming

I came across Notes on Postmodern Programming today. While reading it I first thought I am a post-modern programmer, then I decided that I am a modern programmer with post-modern tendencies, and finally I concluded that I am not sure which I am. :) Either way it is a fairly brilliant read with lots of […]

The goodness of curl (and REST)

Tim Bray, in an post about testing atom protocol, said We got two different clients to talk to it; one was a Big Secret Project from a Big Famous Company based on all sorts of slick infrastructure. Mine was curl. […] Those who know what curl is are probably snickering now. But I think the […]

An XML Design Dilemma

Recently the following XML was proposed during a design session of which I was part. This document basically says that something has happened that cannot be automatically handled. A program receives this XML and asks a human which of the available actions to take. <event> <identifier>1234</identifier> <type>ForkReached</type> <description> There is a fork in this path. […]

REST versus Object-Orientation

Benjamin Carlyle has posted a comparison of the REST and Object-Oriented architectural styles.

Hungarian Good, Exceptions Bad?

I think Joel has got a good idea in Joel on Software – Making Wrong Code Look Wrong. Unfortunately, his implementation sucks. I see his point about Apps Hungarian, in which you tag names with an indication of how the application uses it, but I think it clutters the code significantly. Fundamentally, Apps Hungarian is […]

Enterprise Application Integration As Dispute Resolution?

Sean McGrath has an interesting view of EAI. Basically he thinks is all about dispute resolution. Computer system A sees the world one way, computer system B sees the world another way, computer system C has a third way and thinks A and B are deeply wrong in how they see the world. etc. etc. […]

Bill de hÓra: RSQ: Really Simple Querying?

Bill de hÓra: RSQ: Really Simple Querying?

Code as Design (Redux)

In this article I proposed that coding is design and not construction. As usual I am late to the party, Jack Reeves pointed this out 13 years ago (thanks Charlie), it discussed extensively on c2.com (What Is Software Design and The Source Code Is The Design), and mentioned on many blogs. The whole thing has […]

Coding Is Not Construction

The other day I was talking to a colleague and I compared software development with building a building. I have heard this analogy often and there are a lot of similarities. (For example, most buildings and software systems are, at least partly, custom.) I think there is much to be learned from this analogy when […]