Fresh Coffee for Me

On my walk back to the office from lunch today I noticed the there was a small Novo Coffee sign in the window of the warehouse across the street. The name was familiar but I couldn’t quite place it at the time1. Given that the coffee I had at work was getting a bit stale I decided that it was worth investigating

I went in the open door and there before my eyes was a small batch coffee roaster. Inside I meet two very nice gentlemen, Pat and Herb, who were very happy to help me. Pat showed me around the operation, and after a bit of discussion about the sort of coffees I like suggested the San Rafael. So I bought a pound and promptly went back to the office and brewed a pot using my new kit.

It is an excellent coffee. I think it might be a bit more interesting if it were roasted a bit darker2, but it is delicious none the less. I really like that there is an excellent coffee roaster just a block from my office. I may never have to endure stale coffee again.

  1. Later I remembered that they have a coffee shop at the Denver Art Museum. I really enjoy the espresso I had there the last time I went.

  2. Apparently, Novo has a very light roasting profile.

New Music for the New Job

I started my new gig, at brightkite, today. I am super stoked to be working with the excellent crew there.

I realized that I need some new music, though. I have quite a lot of music that I associate strongly with particular events, workplaces, teams and even books1. My tastes range from pop with a decent beat, to dub, to pretty much anything involving a piano. For example, recently have been listening to Silversun Pickups (thanks to Donnie), Ben Folds, Burial, and Pitch Black. But most of my music library is already saturated with emotion. I need some new music.

So I am ask you, my readers, for some suggestions of some new music I can associate with my new gig. Point me at some your favorite music.

  1. You really could not find a better sound track to The Illuminatus! Trilogy than Garbage 2.0. That album was the one on my Nomad (see figure 5 in the linked page) when I started reading it and two went together so well I stuck with it for the entire book.