Elliot’s 6th Birthday

Elliot is six today!

Elliot blowing out candles

It has been a big year. Probably the biggest thing is kindergarten which he loves. He is getting to be a big kid but he definitely still has his little kid moments.

Audrey is 3

Happy third birthday Audrey! We had a great day today. First, we got up late – well, I did anyway, and Elliot and Audrey played together nicely while I caught a few extra Zs – and opened presents. The red headed Cabbage Patch doll is the favorite as of this evening, but the Lego were a close second.

Then we went to A Taste of Colorado where we ate good food and rode fun rides. Audrey was quite adventurous with rides today. She particularly likes the ones she can go on by her herself. Now that she is three I guess parents just weigh her down.

Of course, this evening we had cake and sang Happy Birthday to Audrey. Audrey really likes to be sung to. I have rarely see such a big grin as the one we got during our rendition of Happy Birthday. She was very proud of being able to blow out the candles, as you can see below. At bed time, she even claimed that the candles where her favorite thing today.

Audrey and her 3rd birthday cake