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Software engineering as manufacting?

It seems that if you tilt your head just the right way software engineering has a lot in common with manufacturing. One thing I like about this idea is that it does a pretty good job of explaining why agile software development practices work.

Test Anti-Pattern: Proving The Code is Written Like the Code Is Written

Testing is suppose to verify that code does what we want. However, I have seen many “unit” tests that spend a lot of time verifying that code works how they wrote it, rather than verifying that it achieves the desired result. The worst cases of this I have seen involve the use of mock objects. […]

What Is A “Unit” Test

I think that one reason unit testing is such a big win is that it integrates design verification into the design (read: coding) process. (See Jack Reeves’ Code As Design.) This connection has made me start to pay a little more attention to the unit tests I see around me and I have found some […]