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uri templates in elixir

I just released my very first Elixir package, UriTemplate. It is an RFC 6570 compliant URI template processor. I’ve been playing with Elixir for the last few days and i really like it. I haven’t gotten into any of the concurrency stuff it really shines at yet but it is a really nice language in […]

Wow! Spark-cassandra-connector seems to be about twice as fast as Calliope.

Apparently @asus’ idea of warranty “support” is to delay and misdirect but to *never* actually replace the broken device.

API meetup this thursday

We are having an API meetup at Lucky Pie in Louisville, CO on nov 15th @ 6:30pm. Come share a tasty beverage, a slice of pizza and your opinions on all things API with your fellow API crafters. If you are an API practitioner we’d love to meet you in person. BTW, if you are […]


One of the hardest won lessons of my career is the power of incrementalism. I am, at my core, an idealist. When i look at a product or code base i tend to see the ways it deviates from my ideals, rather than the ways it is useful or does match my ideals. That is […]

Backlogs considered harmful

There are somethings we do under the pretense of being useful that are actually harmful. Unscheduled stories and bug reports in your ticket tracking system are an example. Creating a ticket is easy when you are in the moment. However, once produced these artifacts have to be read and understood multiple times in the future. […]

Task switching in Git

This thing happens to me pretty often: i start a story, work on it for a while then something urgent comes up.1 The urgent thing needs to be fixed right away but i have a lot of changes in my working directory. Unfortunately, the changes i have made are incomplete and non-functional. The usually suggested […]

Mountain West RubyConf 2009

I going to Mountain West RubyConf this weekend. I am very excited. Last year this was a great conference and the schedule looks great this year too. If you are going to be there too let me know. One of the great things about these conferences is all the great people you get to meet, […]

Want a Job?

As you have probably noticed, I recently started a new job. Which means that I also recently left a job. The job I left was as at Absolute Performance, and it was a pretty good gig. The good news is that my leaving means that there is a spot for you. If you are interested […]


My new boss is contemplating whether or not HTTP will remain the protocol of choice in the future. He seems to have reached the conclusion that XMPP is a better protocol than HTTP for the network infrastructure we have today. With today’s connection characteristics, I wonder if HTTP would have been the weapon of choice […]