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Comverge is hiring an entry level data scientist. Come help us make energy cheaper, more reliable, and better for the environment.

Comverge is hiring a software engineer. Come help us make electricity cheaper, more reliable and better for the environment.

How to componentize a monolith

Micro-service architectures are all the rage these days. Let’s say, totally hypothetically, that you already have a large code base that has all the pathologies we have come to expect from monoliths. You may think something like “we should break this behemoth up into a collection of components, each of which is comprehensible to mere […]

Services Questions

I recently had a colleague ask me several questions about service oriented architectures and breaking monoliths apart. This is an area in which i have a good deal of experience so i decided to publish my answers here. What is a “service”? A “service” is a discrete bit of functionality exposed via well defined interface […]

This makes me sad: iex(10)> Δz = 1 ** (SyntaxError) iex:10: unexpected token: “Δ” (column 1, codepoint U+0394)

Really unique UUIDs

Recently we encountered a problem with duplicate time UUIDs while loading a lot of data into Cassandra. Duplicates are not normally a problem with UUIDs but occasionally you need to generate time UUIDS from a low resolution clock and/or load a lot of data really fast. In these situations you can overwhelm the ability of […]

The data modeling training at #CassandraSummit validated most of our choices. Not sure if that makes me happy or sad.

Fun Scala fact #173

Tail recursion optimization combined with implicit functions makes non-obvious infinite loops both possible and actually infinite. Who needs the crutch of stack overflow exceptions.

My first commit to Cassandra. Not a big change but it is important if you are using Spark.

Good advice for the semantic web community

Ruben Verborgh has an piece on the how to move the semantic web forward. […] if you hosted a Web application, would you offer (even read-only) direct SQL access to your database? Of course you wouldn’t; this would pose a serious threat to the stability of your server. And, it’s not needed: you design your […]