Audrey Update

A two month old Audrey

Audrey at two months old.

Audrey is two months old now, so I think it is time for an update. Audrey is such an easy baby. Before Audrey was born Catherine and I worried that we might have used all our easy baby karma on Elliot. However, I think Audrey might be even more easy going than Elliot was. She smiles all the time now, which is so cute. She has laughed a few times but it is not really a regular occurrence yet.

A couple of weeks ago she started rolling from front to back occasionally. This morning she rolled over several times so I think that she has figured out how to do it when ever she wants. Now she only needs to figure out rolling from front to back and she will be mobile.

She has not become attached to any particular toy yet. She enjoys playing the kick chimes on her play mat. Her favorite activity is playing with Elliot. He is really good with her and she would rather be near Elliot than do almostEating is the only thing she would rather do. She prefers eating to everything. anything else.


It is a beautiful gray and rainy day here in Colorado. It almost never rains here and I do miss the rain. Elliot likes rain too. I had a hard time getting him to day care today because he wanted to keep standing in the rain. The whole time he was telling me about how it was hitting his hair.

Elliot is 2

Happy second birthday, Elliot!

Elliot turns two today. He has changed so much in the last year. He has grown from a baby into a little boy. Compare these pictures an you will see what I mean.

Elliot and I a couple of days before his second birthday.

Elliot at the beginning of this year (only seven months before).

New Baby Update

It has been a busy couple of weeks since I last posted. Audrey is doing great. She is a very easy baby. It seems that she and Elliot share a low key, go with the flow, temperament. (Hopefully I am not speaking too soon.) Catherine and I were a little worried that we might have used all those genes up with Elliot. Audrey is already sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night, most nights, which is great for a baby her age.

Elliot seems so big now. Before Audrey was born he was a baby (or, at least, a very little boy). I suppose it is all a matter of perspective. Now that I compare him to a real baby is seems obvious that he is is not one anymore.

The Wait Is Over

Audrey was born at 12:31 today. She weighs 6 lb 9 oz and is 19 inches long. Both Audrey and Catherine are doing great.

Audrey has bright red hair just like her mother, but there is a definite resemblance between Audrey and Elliot.

Katrina, Part Two

The worst is over at my parents house and they are fine. No damage to their house and none of the downed trees need to be dealt with immediately (they are not in road, etc). I am pretty amazed that their telephone is still working. Apparently, they talked to my brother not too long ago and he is fine.

When I tried to call my brother on his mobile phone I got this message, “Due to the hurricane in the area your call cannot be completed at this time.” I think it is a pretty interesting that the “your call cannot be completed” messages are customized these days.


It is very weird watching a category 5 hurricane head toward your family from thousands of miles way.

I grew up near Mobile, Alabama and my parents still live there. Luckily, (for my parents anyway) it looks like hurricane Katrina is going to make land fall quite a bit west of them but they will still experience hurricane force winds. My parents have boarded up, have experience riding out hurricanes, are not in a flood prone area and are far enough inland that the storm surge will not be a problem so I expect they will be a fine.

My brother lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and it looks like Katrina’s eye is going to pass pretty close to him. I am not too worried, though, he is young and can take care of himself. When I talked to him today he had not decided what he was going to do, but he did have several options, none of which sound too bad.

It is hard to tell how bad this is going to be, no one has experience with this class of hurricane. I have seen pictures of 12 foot thick (at the base) concrete sea walls that were moved 30+ feet by Camile and Katrina is the same strength but twice the size.

I especially feel for the people in New Orleans, it looks like they are going to bear the brunt of this hurricane. That would be bad in the best of conditions, but a city which is below sea level it is not the best of conditions. All we can do now is hope for the best.

Two Weeks

Only two weeks until my daughter will be born. We still do not have a name, but everything else is just about ready. We saw our traditional two-weeks-before-the-baby-is-born concert last night. We have sorted out all of the gender neutral baby clothes we had for Elliot and are in the process of washing them (and all the new, pink frilly, clothes). We got a double stroller the other day. It is very big but I cannot imagine trying to go shopping with two, two and under, children with out one. Lots of little things still need to be done but I think we are in pretty good shape. Except for that name thing.


Elliot has started to grasp grammar. This week-end he started constructing his own sentences. Previously he had only been repeating phrases that he had heard us say. Now he seems to grasp that a phrase is a series of composable words, rather than just one long word. Which is good because he does have a lot to say lately, not that anyone except Catherine and I can understand most of it.

Five Weeks

Only five more weeks until my daughter will be born! That is not very long.

It is a planned c-section so we know that she will be born on August 31. The schedule is quite nice with a toddler. He goes to daycare as usual and when I pick him up he will have a new sister. No need to find a baby-sitter that can come over on a minutes notice any time of day or night, etc.

We do not have a name yet, which is freaking my wife out a bit. I have no doubt that we will find a name before we really need it. If we do not settle on one in the next few weeks, however, it could become quite concerning.

Apparently (in Colorado), if you do not decide on a name before you leave the hospital they put “Baby Girl” (or Boy) as the first name on the birth certificate. Then when you decide what the baby’s name is you do a full blown legal name change from “Baby Girl” to what ever name you want. We will definitely not be doing that, it sounds like way to much work.